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Path Of The Sun

Cover Art: Steve Stone

Path Of The Sun                                                                                          Click here for reviews
ISBN 978-0-7564-0638-7

 Dhulyn Wolfshead and Parno Lionsmane think they're escorting the Princess of Arderon to her wedding with the new Tarkin of Menoin, but the Mercenary Brotherhood has a secret mission for them: find out what happened to the two Brothers who were sent on assignment to Menoin a year ago, and who have disappeared.
  Once in Menoin they find old friends, the Scholars Gundaron and Mar-eMar. There to investigate some old Caid ruins, Gun and Mar suspect that the disappearance of the Mercenary Brothers is linked to a series of killings. When the Princess of Arderon's corpse is found, mutilated in the same way as the others, Dhulyn and Parno track the killer into the Path of the Sun, an ancient labyrinth from which people sometimes don't return.
  But Mercenaries are not ordinary people, and Dhulyn and Parno draw on their Schooling to reach the centre of the Path. What they find there is another world, a world in which the Red Horsemen -- Dhulyn's nomad people -- have not been wiped out, a world in which the Marked are hunted down and killed as 'broken'. Dhulyn and Parno must locate their missing Brothers, identify the killer, and find their way back through the Path of the Sun before Dhulyn's own Mark is discovered.

Look for PATH OF THE SUN, a new Dhulyn and Parno adventure, available September 2010



















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The Storm Witch

Cover Art: Steve Stone

The Storm Witch                                                                                            Click here for reviews
ISBN 978-0-7564-0574-8

With a charge of outlawry still hanging over their heads, Dhulyn and Parno are in Lesonika. Before they can do anything to clear their names, they must go to the rescue of friends being held hostage by the crew of a Long Ocean Nomad ship. The Nomads want the Mercenary Brothers to cross the Long Ocean with them, and help them in their conflict with the Mortaxa, who are threatening the Nomads' lives and livelihoods with the power of a Storm Witch. Dhulyn, however, has a very good reason for refusing to go, even if it means letting their friends die. Her Sight has told her that Parno will die in a storm at sea -- something he long ago made her swear she would never tell him. Does she break that vow now? Dhulyn suspects that even if she does, Parno will refuse to save his life at the cost of their friend's lives. They've circumvented her Visions in the past, can Dhulyn somehow manage that now, and without Parno's help?



















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The Soldier King

The Soldier King
ISBN 978-0-7564-0516-8

Dhulyn Wolfshead and Parno Lionsmane, members of the Mercenary Brotherhood, are on their way to the Seers Shrine at Delmara, hoping to get help for Dhulyn, a Seer herself, whose Sight is erratic and untrustworthy. Dhulyn's Sight is her inheritance from her lost tribe, massacred when she was a child, and while Mercenaries are supposed to have no past lives, she and Parno have learned the hard way that you can't always leave your past behind you.
   On their way, they pick up work by enlisting with the Nisvean army, and for once it seems Dhulyn's Sight is helping them, as they triumph against an invading force of Tegriani -- a surprise to everyone else, since the Tegriani haven't lost a battle for the past two years, thanks to the help and protection of the Blue Mage.    Nevertheless, when Dhulyn and Parno pick up the wounded Lord Prince Edmir of Tegrian from the battlefield, it's with the intention of fixing him up and sending him home to his mother the Queen. After all, it's not the practice of the Mercenary Brotherhood to hold prisoners-of-war for ransom -- it's bad for future business. Flushed with victory, the Nisveans decide to keep Edmir for his political value, breaking their contract with the Mercenaries.
    Dhulyn and Parno can't let that happen, but once they rescue Edmir, their problems only begin. Pursued by the Nisveans, accused of kidnapping and murder, they find everyone's hand turned against them, as the very Tegriani officials they ask for refuge deny that Edmir is Edmir. They escape with the help of a young actress, whose troupe of strolling players have also fallen victim to the clashing armies.
    But where can they go now?


















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The Sleeping God

Cover Art: Steve Stone

The Sleeping God
"Classic heroic fantasy with a metaphysical twist" Publisher's Weekly          Click here for reviews
Available August 2007

Dhulyn Wolfshead isn't too pleased when her Partner, Parno Lionsmane, insists on revisiting Imrion, the land of his birth. Mercenary Brothers aren't supposed to have pasts; the Common Rule says their real lives begin when they join the Brotherhood. But he's her Partner, there's something troubling him, and it's her obligation to help him out of trouble -- and her hope that it's not the kind of trouble that could threaten their Partnership.
      Luck seems to be with them when a High Noble House hires them to escort a family member to Imrion's capital. But things have changed for the worse since Dhulyn and Parno's last visit -- a change that can be traced to the Jaldean New Believers. This religious sect are turning the country against the Marked, a group of gifted people whose powers make them Menders, Finders, Healers, or Seers. Until now, they've always been respected, but the New Believers are convincing more and more people that the Marked are endangering the world by awakening the Sleeping God, whose coming, they claim, will destroy the world. The Tarkin of Imrion is doing his best to balance the tensions between Old Believers and New, Marked and unmarked, but there could soon be civil war in Imrion.
     Ordinarily, any good Mercenary would welcome this kind of social unrest as an opportunity for work, but this time Dhulyn herself is in danger. Dhulyn is one of the rare Seers, something she and Parno have always kept to themselves, since her Mark is untrained and unpredictable. Lok-iKol Tenebro suspects their secret, and has tricked them into coming to Imrion to use Dhulyn in his attempt at overthrowing the Tarkin. When they try to warn the Tarkin of the plot against him, the two Mercenaries discover that there is a darker presence behind the unrest in Imrion, something that is using Lok-iKol and the Jaldeans alike, something that will not be content with a simple shift in the balance of power.
      Dhulyn and Parno must learn the truth about this dark presence, and what part the Marked must play in destroying it.


















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The Mirror Prince

Cover art: Todd Lockwood

In THE MIRROR PRINCE, Violette Malan has accomplished that most
difficult of fusions--she's given a complex, high fantasy world a very
readable contemporary voice.
-Tanya Huff

"Violette Malan's debut novel is nothing short of superb."
- Paul Goat Allen,

The Mirror Prince                                                                                               Click here for reviews
Available in mass market edition August 2007
ISBN 978-0-7564-0339-3
Chosen as a
Featured Alternate by the Science Fiction Book Club

Max Ravenhill thinks he's human . . . but he's wrong. He's been given false memories over and over again by his Wardens, who don't want him to realize that he's been alive for over 1000 years.

Max and his Wardens are Riders -- what humans call Faerie, and back in their Lands Max was the Prince Guardian, Keeper of the Talismans. As the Prince Guardian, Max lost a civil war, and was banished to the Shadowlands, the human country. To prevent his escape, his memory was bound, along with his dra'aj, the magical energy that is manifested in all Faerie. His Wardens made sure that the powerless Exile was not accidentally killed by humans.

The Banishment is nearing its end when Warden Cassandra Kennaby, gets a most unexpected warning that Max is in immanent danger from his old enemy, the Rider who has become known as the Basilisk Prince. Cassandra has personal reasons for avoiding her charge, but when the warning is confirmed by the appearance of the Hunt, she has no choice but to remember her Oath and go to the rescue. As the Hunt closes in, the only way Cassandra can save Max is to risk returning him home before the end of the Banishment. Max finds himself in the bewildering Lands of the People, where nothing, not the Riders or the Naturals or the Solitaries -- not even the Landscape itself, does what he expects. Cassandra and Max they find that the dra'aj of the Lands itself has been waning during the Banishment, and the Basilisk Prince has been growing in power since the time of the Great War. Max's old supporters desperately need Max to prevent the Basilisk from declaring himself High Prince and destroying the natural Cycles of the Lands. But it isn't really Max they need -- it's his true self, the Guardian Prince. Max must decide to give up the only life he knows, in order to become someone else, in order to fight an ancient enemy he doesn't even remember.