Calvin and Roland on a morning flight to Hanna AB

 Above right TEREL SPECIAL Custom built from plans only by Harry Treichel in Edmonton Alberta (A friend of my father)

Calvin Thorne 56 Rolling Range Estates  Cochrane Alberta  Canada  T4C 2A3

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'Vision' aircraft built by Sean in Florida'Vision' aircraft built by Steve Rahm in Florida1958 Supercub CF-LQW all cleaned up at home, Springbank Airport Alberta,CanadaCalvin and Roland on a morning flight to Hanna AB


Custom Built Composite Aircraft, Calgary Alberta Canada

Thorne Aero Composite Ltd

529 Hurricane Drive Springbank airport 

Calgary Alberta Canada T3Z 3S8
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"Quickie Q2" CUSTOM Rebuild   

This aircraft I purchased in the summer 2011 and enjoyably flew in Abbotsford BC with the assistance from two very nice local Q2 owners.  Upon my return home I  planned to fly it and do rebuilding of various components and then sometime in the future complete a total rebuild.  I had the great opportunity to fly with Q2 owners in  three aircraft before bringing this aircraft home to the Springbank airport.  I had an unfortunate engine outage and forced off airport landing on the highway in the Rocky Mountains of BC.  No damage to the engine or front cowling area occurred.  Port wheel pod sheared off and a little damage to canard tip.  Port elevator and aileron damaged.  Port side of fuselage deeply cut into by sign pole that sheared into fuselage side.  Interior seat and main fuel tank reconstruction required. The aircraft reconstruction and upgrades started sooner than I had anticipated.

Photo record of the reconstruction.  Started March 2012

                            Q2 Fuselage reconstruction                 Updated April 2014

 Q2 Engine & Firewall upgrade              Updated  April 2014

                             Q2 Panel                                       Updated  March 2014

Recommended Q2 reading is at Quickheads website and on the Yahoo Q-LIST site

Also under construction is my "Vision EX" aircraft.

  Above is Sean Ponsonby's finished plane with a Lycoming 0-320

Photos of  my  "Vision EX" aircraft construction will be posted from time to time below.
Building and Photo Record
2682 Building Hours, January 25, 2011

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 SUPER CUB 1958 The airplane I am fortunate enough to be able to fly right now.

Just having Fun on another morning trip for breakfast.


Above is the prototype aircraft built by the designer Steve Rahm

Terel Special, Edmonton Municipal Airport Alberta, Canada about 1966

Update: August 18 2015

The only thing left to build is a new left elevator.  Then the VG’s can go onto the canard and it is ready to fly again.  Meanwhile |I enjoy a bit of taxi testing around the airport.

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