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Lanark North Leeds ARES Group Organizational Structure

Following several recent meetings of theARES groups of Lanark North Leeds ARES Group and the North East Lanark, the Amateur Radio operators that are committed to the Amateur Radio Emergency Services have agreed to the following organizational structure for the area known as Lanark North Leeds. The Lanark North Leeds area includes the following municipalities: Beckwith Township Carleton Place, Town Lanark Highlands Township Mississippi Mills, Town Perth, Town Tay Valley Township Drummond/North Elmsley Township Smiths Falls, Town Montague Township Rideau Lakes Township Merrickville Wolford Membership and ARES activities are not limited to participation by Amateur Radio operators in the above municipalities. Lanark North Leeds ARES memberships and activities are welcomed from adjoining areas.

Organizational Structure:

The Lanark North Leeds ARES Group stands as the single organization that represents ARES operations in the municipalities listed above. The Group will operate with one Emergency Coordinator elected by active ARES members in the area and approved by the SEC. With the recent Provincial emergency legislation whereby each municipality must have an emergency plan and organization in place, it is apparent that wherever possible

Lanark/North Leeds ARES has an AEC representing each municipality or group of municipalities as per the following organizational charts

Region Emergency Coordinator VE3BSB Barrie Crampton,

A/EC at large VE3GWS George Sansom AEC . Municipality Lanark North Leeds

AEC Beckwith Township Carleton Place, Town VE3LWX Stephen Mayne

AEC Lanark Highlands Township VA3SEH Susanne Hough

AEC Mississippi Mills, Town VE3PDF Don Stewart

AEC Perth, Town Tay Valley Township Drummond/North Elmsley Township VE3LFP Larry Palmer

AEC Smiths Falls, Town Montague Township VE3XNT Tony Wilson

AEC Rideau Lakes Township West Westport Village VE3VY Norm Hagan

AEC Rideau Lakes Township East VE3CGD Art Childerhose

AEC Merrickville Wolford VE3WSY Bob Heron AEC

Meeting Dates and Locations:

A regular monthly meeting of Lanark North Leeds will be held monthly with the current location being the meeting room of the OPP on Highway 7 in Perth. Meetings will be held on the first Saturday of the month (except July & August) unless there is a conflict with holiday weekends or other activities which make it impractical for a high level of attendance. At such times the meeting will be postponed to the following suitable Saturday. ARES member groups will continue to hold local meetings at the call of their AEC or designate. In the event of unfavourable travel conditions on meeting days a special meeting may be called at 0800 hours local on the repeater network.

Lanark North Leeds ARES holds a weekly radio net each Wednesday at 20:00 Hours local on the linked repeater network hosted on VE3KJG Lavant 146.640 ARES

ARES Ontario:

The Lanark North Leeds ARES Group and its EC will report to the District EC designated for the above listed municipalities.

Mutual Aid:

The Lanark North Leeds ARES Group will continue to operate on reciprocal mutual aid initiatives with adjoining municipalities and ARES Groups.

Barrie Crampton, Emergency Coordinator Lanark North Leeds ARES Group



January 1/2008