Golf Ball Observatory

    This project was inspired by an article in Sky and Telescope, Sept. 98, by Scott  Jamieson.   In his version the structure is a  bi-cylinder, stress-skinned design requiring very little internal framework. Since I had already acquired the aluminum soffit paneling which is very light, I had to add internal bracing,  and while I was at it, I decided to give the roof some slope and make it from parts of three circles instead of one.  2" lumber was sorted through at Home Depot for least knots, brought home and ripped and thickness planned into  1½"  X  ½" strips.  A spoke jig 12' in diameter was made  up and the strips bent, glued, and screwed  into laminated circles.  One side of two rings was routed out, first with


a ½ " straight bit and then a ½" cove bit to a depth of about ½", using the router on a long radius arm.  This makes suitable grooves for golf balls to roll in. And there the project is resting or perhaps I should say "maturing".  Hopefully when warm weather comes I'll get back to it.

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Last revised - 19 Mar. 09