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Example HR
Here, you will find the registration details of a vessel such as the rigging, the tonnage, dimensions, propulsion, owners and her Master. These have been transcribed from the Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping from 1764 up to 2003, by Gilbert Provost with assistance from Pauline Joicey.
(New vessels are added continuously. Check often)
 Caa-CapCar-Cey - Cha-Cli - Coe-Cyn
D - Ea-ElEm-Ex - F - G - Ha-HelHen-Hy - I - J - K
La-Le - Li-LyMaa-May - Me-MyN - O - Pa-PlPo-Py - Q
  Ra-RiRo-Ry - Sa-SeSh-Sm - So-Sy - T-U - V - W - X-Y-Z


Send requests to look up more vessels to g.provost@xplornet.ca including as many details as possible. Be patient as I cannot get to the library as often as I would like.
Example HR
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Example HR



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