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My foundry in the final stages of construction.

My molding bench
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This bench is fashioned after a design by Stewart Marshall.

My furnace.
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                                                                     Closed                   Open

The furnace is the Gingery Gas Furnace design.
The burner is similar the the Reil burner
modified to suit the furnace.

My sand fluffer

                                                                      Internalview          Ready to use

           Componentsare a 1/4hp 1725 rpm motor mounted inside a large coffe can (the can
keeps the sand out of the motor, and old canner, an old salad bowland angle iron to make
up the frame. The wheel shown is a steel disk 8" in diameter with a2 1/2" expanded metal
ring welded to it. The mesh could be replaced with studs spaced an inch or so apart.

                                                         My green sand mixer

Concrete mixer from local lumber yard I use to mix green sand.
Mix dry ingredients first then add the water and mix again.
Mixes by rolling it around.
Big plus- no dust when mixing dry ingredients.
This mixer is sized for one bag of readycrete.

Last updated: 6 May,2000