Estevan 2003 Model Engineering Show

Pictures say it all
I will add though that the workmanship is supurb.
Unfortunately, I missed a few displays. But, this page is still photoextensive.
Also, I will be adding in the builder's names as I remember them.
Click on a thumb nail to view a larger image.

Clarence's 1/3 scale Harley
A great piece of work.

48 cylinder engine. Don't know any other details about it.

David Pape with his EDM and parts for his jet engine.

George Ewen's horizontal mill

More of George Ewen's work

4 Cylinder steam engine by Bill Huffman.

Tooling by M. Mikytysnyn.

Mark's engines
Mark helped me out by answering many questions about my display whileI was busy making molds and melting metal.

My display

Dixon Cox's Engines.

Now for displays I can't confirm the owners of


                                                                                          Niel James

                    NielJames                                                     Niel James

                                            Ian Timshel


                                                      Cliff Roemmich


Commercial displays

                       Hartland Agricultural Models

And the best of all, The ladies display

           Maureen                         Rita                               Ethana                   Aline                     Gail

We couldn't leave these out either.


Posted: 6 November, 2003

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