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My Game Warden related links, listed by category.
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Investigative Links
Canadian Aircraft Registration Search (get owner's name from aircraft numbers)
Canadian Reverse Directory
On-line Phone Listings
Alberta's Laws

My Links
Article about catching poachers on the Bow River
Article about a wildlife bust, High River District
To catch a cougar, High River District
Alberta Sustainable Resource Development
Game Warden's Place

My Other websites
Association of Natural Resource Enforcement Trainers

Alberta Game Warden Association
J.W. Quarter Horses

Fishing Links
The Virtual Fly Shop, Western Canada (Interesting Bulletin Board)
Fly Fishing Outfitters Association of Alberta
Alberta Fishing Regulations On Line
Alberta Bound Fishing Adventures
Bull Trout Foundation

Hunting Links
Alberta Professional Outfitters Society
Alberta Hunting Regulations On Line
Alberta Fish and Game Association
Hunting for Tomorrow

Other Game Wardens Personal Pages
Terry Hodges - California Game Warden and Author
Ryan Bass - South Carolina, Department of Natural Resources
Kim Chandler - Washington Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Officer
G.W. Lister- British Columbia Conservation Officer and Patch Trader
Rick Seward - Nebraska Conservation Officer and Artist

Computer Links
Joe Cygman - Fly Fishing Computer Guy

Links suggested by my visitors
Wildlife Crime Prevention (Ontario)
Saskatchewan Game Warden Magazine

Washington Game Warden Association
North Coast Uniforms

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Updated July 19, 2004