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Game Warden Photos

(Tune's while you wait for pictures)

I started working to be a game warden in 1980 when I attended Lethbridge Community College. Since then I have worked across the province as a student fish and wildlife officer and a seasonal park ranger. I finally landed a full time position in 1986 at Slave lake.
This is a collection of my favorite photos.

Here I am patrolling the Elbow River in Kananakis Country with our pontoon boat.
This boat was donated to us by the Calgary Hook and Hackle Club in memory of Peter Smallman, a life long fly fisherman and conservationist.

A Bull Trout from the fish trap on the Sheep River near Black Diamond, Alberta.


Rainbow Trout caught below the Carseland weir in the Bow River. This fish was implanted with a transmitter and its movements tracked using aircraft. The trout traveled over the fish ladder, up the Bow to the Highwood then into the Sheep River to spawn.


At Slave Lake we used this 1956 Bombardier for winter patrols.


 Canada Lynx

Patrolling the Highwood the hard way.

My dad with his passion.
Cutting horses.