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Video Production

These are some screen shots from The Highwood Trout Study: Bull Trout Research. This is an educational movie about a fish study on the Highwood River. Topics include - electro fishing, fish trapping, how to follow fish with airplanes, spawning Bull Trout (Alberta's Provincial Fish), and enforcement.
I filmed and co wrote this movie with Jay Wieliczko a fisheries technician.

The Highwood Trout Study: Bull Trout Research film has been incorporated as part of Alberta's Threatened Wildlife Education Program with the Bull Trout Teachers Guide. The program has been distributed to schools free of charge upon request. The Bull Trout Teachers guide is a comprehensive educational resource focusing on Bull Trout and Bull Trout management.

The film is also available free to clubs and groups involved with fish for educational purposes.

For more information, or to order additional resources, contact:

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development
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