Sliding canopy framework in rear position. A pin locks the LH side when open. The door on the LH side of the fuselage can be opened at any time. The canopy can be jettisoned by unlatching, pulling 3 pins and sliding it back. Sliding canopy center rail shown. 3 pins lock the rear of the canopy down when closed. A latch (accessible from outside) locks the canopy forward. Metal flashing at windshield. Formed on English wheel from 6061T4 aluminum. Windshield is a simple wrap of 1/4 inch Plexiglas. The photo-recon aircraft did not have a bullet-proof windscreen.


Plexiglas Oven. 2 kitchen ovens, aluminum foil lined box, covered in insulation (side covers not shown), form in box, 4 thermometers, air supply to blow canopy through form.  Blown 3/16 inch canopy on frame with skirts attached. It slides on nylon glides and can be jettisoned in flight.  Canopy shell shown on fuselage for final fitting. It is longer than scale due to limitations of my forming oven preventing a deep enough blow.