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ScratchArt or scratchboard art as it is commonly called is done on material called Claybord Black. It is a masonite board covered in white Kaolin clay and then sprayed with India ink. I transfer my drawing onto the board using white transfer paper. Then using a small implement, an Xacto knife (#11 blade), or my new favorite tool, a scalpel, I make small, sometimes tiny scratches in varying depths, revealing the white beneath and eventually the image emerges. This can be left as is at this point or I can “color” it, using thin coats of acrylic paint or the colored inks I used for this rose, made especially for claybord. I scratch in again over and over to achieve the depth of color and highlights that I want. I coat it with a spray sealer, to protect the finished piece.

This link goes to an article about the "Making of Joseph"

Lorna Hannett  AFCA - ASA

Below is a close-up of the finished rose.




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