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Johnny V's House Rent Party Band at The South Country Fair ............. Johnny V - Guitars and Vocal...... Curtis Cripps - Electric Bass & Harmony Vocals ....... Rob Vulic - Drums and Percussion ..... James "Little V" - Drums and Percussion ..... Corbie Dorner - Piano, Organ and Harmony Vocals...... Mike Clark - 1st Tenor Sax.... Steve Williams - 2nd Tenor Sax.... Pat Belliveau - Baritone Sax.... Paul Ashwell - Section Director, Arranger and 1st Trombone..... Marty Majorowicks - 2nd Trombone... Greg Robertson - Bass Trombone.... and The infamous Jim Pugsley - Keeper of the Good Vibes and Main Sound Technician.........Pictures by Kat and Mama V......Big Hugs and Much Thanks to Maureen and Trent for making the summer of 2006 the best it could be for me...enjoy the pictures....... Litlle V.....

Oh yea, that's the note we were looking for out of that Gibson Firebird


Mike blowing a killer solo as Paul gives his nod of approval

Horn Section Director and Arranger Paul Ashwell

The one and only Pat Belliveau on Baritone Sax

JV played slide on a Burns "DoubleSix" during "Louisiana Blues"




Rob Vulic looking suave and debonair

Looks like Curtis finally got his tone dialed in


The great hands of Rob Vulic

Curtis Cripps on the Secretly Tuned Fender Precision (above) and his prized Fender Jazz Bass (below)



Little V's adopted uncles Kenny and Paul drove all day to see for themselves how he played.


Curtis and Corbie backstage before the show

Steve Williams on Tenor Sax

The Mighty Jim Pugsley earned that ice cold wobbly pop. Excellent mix out front as the audience to your right will attest to.

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Johnny V invited Little V (who ain't so little these days) to join the band for their performance at South Country Fair. 2 Drummers, 6 piece horn section, Bass, Keyboards, and plenty o' guitar. It was a mighty night of serious music and groove.

Big V and Little V

Hanging backstage getting ready to hit it with the band.

The New Mighty Scorned Horns

Rob and Little V

Corbie and Curtis

Paul Ashwell and Marty Majorowicks

Corbie Dorner

Look at that horn section. Man did those guys sound great!!!!

Little V laying it down

Curtis Cripps and Little V. He's such a great bass player.

Greg Robertson on Bass Trombone

Two Drummers!!!!! Nothing like it!!!

Rob Vulic and Little V during their drum solo

Curtis and Johnny checking out Little V's chops during his drum solo with Rob.

Corbie Dorner played and sang his butt off.


JV pulled out the Telecaster and closed the show with "Last Date". Some real pretty string bending going on in that one.

Big V and Little V chilling out before the gig.

Shot from the soundbooth. That's Jim in the left hand corner bent over the board working hard to make this band sound excellent!!!!

Gigs done, were on the road again and Little V is off in Snoozeville. Job well done James, you should be proud of yourself!!!!