Frostbacks In Chicago

In April of 1999 the webmaster of Spots Interconnect Inc. visited Johnny V in Chicago while on his way to buy a tricked out 1983 Monte Carlo in De Kalb, Illinois.. Below are some pictures of what they did during his stay.

First of all Johnny took Jason up to Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater's place. Check the "BlusChf" plate on Eddy's Jaguar

There's Eddy and Johnny hanging out at The Chief's crib.

That night the band was playing at Blue Chicago on Clark St.

That's Eddy, Dave Myers and Johnny hanging out. For those of you who don't know it, Dave and his brother Louis were the two guitar players on all the great Little Walter recordings of the 1950s. The band was known as The Aces (Dave & Louis Myers, along with Fred Below on drums).

Alright everybody look over here and let's get a group shot. Hey is that Little Smokey Smothers in the background with the baseball hat on?

Eddy handed Dave his Gibson 335 and brought the microphone over to the table so Dave could sit in with the band. Oh yea and that was Little Smokey Smothers. He came over and sat with Dave right after the band started up.

Dave and Johnny locked in and laid down some great blues that night.

Even Little Smokey Smothers got into it on Eddy's Fender Stratocaster.

The boys were a little hungry after the gig so Johnny took Jason for a Burrito. Check out the size of this Burrito.. Notice the Zippo Lighter for a scale comparison. The Taco and Burrito Express is located right next door to the Kingston Mines..

Now anyone in Chicago knows that the "Taco And Burrito Express" at 2540 N. Halsted St. is the only place to get a "REAL" Burrito .. The food is excellent, they never close and the prices are fantastic... there's Javier in the foreground.. He's "The Man"..

Speaking of the Kingston Mines, is that Russell standing guard at the door with Johnny???


Yep that's Russell Pretzer working a late night shift at the front door of The Kingston Mines.


This Is Not The Right Burrito Place

But I just had to get a shot of this sign. Way too funny!!!

No trip to Chicago is complete without a trip down to what's left of the famous Maxwell Street Markets. That's Johnny at the corner of Halsted St. and Maxwell St. at Jim's Jew Town Polish stand.

This is "The Place" for an authentic "Jew Town" Polish sausage on a bun. Even though the boys were stuffed the smell was the greatest. All the bluesmen whoever played the Maxwell Street Markets over the years had one of these or a Pork Chop sandwich.. Oh yea the Hot Peppers are included and you can have as many as you'd like... Mmmmm Good.

The University of Illinois has demolished almost all of historic Maxwell Street in order to build parking lots. There is only about a block and a half left of this great neighbourhood.

The Maxwell Street Historic Preservation Coalition is working very hard to keep what is left of Maxwell Street in one piece. You can call (312) 341 3696 if you would like to help

Well that was pretty much how the trip went. Jason bought the car and drove it back to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Then when I went to Calgary for my summer vacation in August, he had me over to help pull the engine and transmission out of the "Wally Wagon" so he could rebuilt it and drop it in the Monte Carlo he just bought. Pretty strange behaviour for a Webmaster of my ISP... (smile)

Click here to check out Jason, Kevin and myself pulling that engine out.

That's Nancy, Javier, and Ann after enjoying a great Burrito. That's Big Doug smiling in the back. He works security at the Kingston Mines. He must be winning his paycheck back judging by the grin on his face.....

That's Tre and Johnny taking a break outside KoKo Taylor's new club on Wabash.

Click here for some other pictures of Chicago

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