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I built this page for two friends of mine Ken and Sandra (no last names please). For many years my favourite vinyl shop was a place called "The Record Store" located here in Calgary, Alberta. It was owned and operated by them. The Record Store was a place where you could go and hang out, have a coffee or a beer (in the back room of course), listen to great tunes, have an intellectually stimulating conversation and find just about any recording you were looking for. In the early 1990's the larger record stores (HMV, SAM'S, A & B Sound) starting to put the squeeze on the smaller independent stores like The Record Store. The volumes those larger chains were able to buy and sell at eventually caused many independent record stores to go out of business. In 1995 Ken and Sandra finally had to close the doors of "The Record Store" for the final time. They said their goodbyes and moved from Alberta to Northern Ontario to run a hunting and fishing lodge. This was a very sad day for many of us here in Alberta.

This "Old Dino-Rocker" is jumpin' for joy because Ken and Sandra are back in the Record Business

In the fall of 1996, they opened T-Rex Records here in Drumheller, Alberta and are back in business.Ken's knowledge and passion for music is truly amazing. He can usually tell you who, when, where and how about most any artist and their music form. He is in my humble opinion a true "Musicologist". I'm not forgetting about Sandra (his better half). She is (as all who know her) "the woman that keeps the train on the tracks". She works quietly behind the scenes and makes sure the business runs on all cylinders. Together they make a great couple and have a fantastic business partnership. T-Rex Records is located in "The Badlands of Alberta". Home of the internationally acclaimed "Tyrell Museum of Paleontology". Dinosaur country for those of you who aren't aware of this "ne plus ultra" Canadian research centre and exemplar Museum.

Ken and Sandra have always shown exceptional support for the independent recording artists of Alberta. At the old store in Calgary the "Indie" section was always well stocked and easily accessible. I'm happy to announce that they are carrying on this fine tradition with their new store. Don't forget T-Rex Records will always treat you more than fair when selling or swapping your Compact Discs and Vinyl.


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