Alfa Spid Rotators

Side view of the
Alfa Spid rotator

Custom built
to withstand our harsh
Canadian weather conditions

Significantly more
rotating torque and
braking capability
than any other rotator
in its price range,
and more than others
costing nearly twice as much

The ALFA SPID rotator is a medium to heavy duty antenna rotator,
designed for amateur radio stations, in the same general category
as the HY-GAIN TAILTWISTER or the YAESU G-1000/2800,
but having advanced digital features not found in these other rotators.

It is priced well under these and other competing rotators. Mechanical complexity is reduced to a minimum with the utilization of a simple double worm gear drive system.

Position readout ( azimuth ) is sensed by a completely sealed magnetic reed switch.

The controller has a full complement of features, including digital readout of heading.

Rotating torque is in the 1400 to more than 3200 inch/pound range, with between 12 and 24 volts DC supplied to the motor. Torque measured at 24 volts was 3,240 in/lb. This is significantly more than any other rotator in the same price range, and even higher than some rotators costing nearly twice as much ( Yaesu 2800 or Orion 2800 )

Top section removed

A top view of the rotator
revealing the sturdy
solid steel gears
which drive the mast

No soft pot metal
or casting here

Two internal bearings
can support large loads
rated to 500 lbs

Coaxial cable can pass down
through middle, if desired

Rotator Details

Controller Details

Some photos of installations

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