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Authentic Patterns

Some, but not all, of the patterns shown below are available in the following sizes
( 5 - 7 - 9 ) ( 6 - 8 - 10 ) ( 12 - 14 - 16 ) ( 18 - 20 - 40 )

Patterns ( except vest and yokes) are $10.00 shipping

The manufacturer has ceased production of these patterns.
We have only small quantities of some of the patterns shown.
Call or e-mail for price and availability.

Dress Pattern 276 Three versions, each with a full circle skirt.
One has a fitted bodice, jewel neckline and elasticised puffed sleeve.
View 2 - Sleeveless with a "U" neckline and cape collar.
View 3 - Princess seaming and square neckline with a self ruffle and tie ends. Tie on bib with square neckline.

Available in ( 5 - 7 - 9 ) one, (6 - 8 - 10) one pattern ( 18 - 20 -40 ) 2 patterns in stock

Dress pattern 277 Three tiered skirt pattern Square dance dress in three versions, with full 3-tiered skirt.

View 1 with midriff inset and wide sash, elasticised scoop neckline and raglan sleeves with self-ruffle.
View 2 has contrasting front and sleeve ruffle, features a square neckline, princess seaming, elasticised puff sleeves, and self-fabric tie ends.
View 3 with U-neckline and princess seaming, elasticised puff sleeves, self-fabric tie ends and contrasting front.

Available ONLY in ( 6-8-10 ) 3 patterns in stock

Men's Western Shirt- Pattern 278

All sizes in stock
Western shirt for men Featuring decorative yokes faced with self-fabric. Bias front bands, collar, yokes, cuffs, and sleeve facings add interesting details.

View 1 has long sleeves and contrasting front bands, collar, collar band, yokes, cuffs and sleeve facings. View 2 has short sleeves and self-fabric front bands, collar, collar band and yokes, and is accented with piping.

Both shirts feature buttonhole pockets with arrow trim. Optional snap or button closure.

Available in ( 14- 14.5 - 15 ) five patterns and ( 15.5 - 16 - 16.5 ) six patterns
and ( 17 - 17.5 - 18 ) seven patterns in stock

Square Dance Dress - Pattern 280 Square dance dress pattern Features full circular skirt with bottom ruffle that sweeps up the side.

Narrow-hemmed bow of self-fabric accents the waist. View 1 features a square neckline. View 2 has a jewel neckline. View 3 has a sweetheart neckline.

All views have short layered sleeves gathered to armholes.

Available in ( 5 - 7 - 9 ) one pattern and ( 6 - 8 - 10 ) one pattern in stock

Square Dance Dress - Pattern 281 Square dance dress pattern Eight gore skirt, with waistband. Can be worn alone or with button-on bib or vest.

Available in ( 5 - 7 - 9 ) two patterns and ( 12 - 14 - 16 ) one pattern

Ladies Dress - Pattern 309 Ladies square dance dress Eight gore skirt with a smaller pointed eight gore overskirt.
Fitted bodice with moderate rounded neckline, contrasting front and back yokes,
accented with eyelet and ribbon trim. Puff sleeves.

Available in ( 6 - 8 - 10 ) two patterns in stock

Men's Vest - Pattern 313 Vest pattern for men Vest is lined to edge, has three yoke variations.

View 1 features fancy yokes with zig-zag trim.

View 2 has single-point front yokes and three point back yoke.

View 3 has both single point front and back yokes.

This pattern is $10.00 - - - - Four patterns in stock

Square Dance Dress - Pattern 314 Square dance dress pattern Dress has a scoop neckline with wide eyelet ruffle accented with bow.

The 8-gored skirt has wide eyelet ruffles that sweep up at the sides in front and back to create an apron effect.

Self-fabric ruffles trimmed with narrow eyelet fill in at sides and around lower edge of skirt.

View 1 is sleeveless. View 2 has short elasticised puff sleeves.

4 patterns in (6 - 8 -10 ) and 1 pattern in ( 18 - 20 - 40 )

Square Dance Dress - Pattern 316square dance dress pattern Dress has fitted bodice with moderate round neckline and contrasting front bib.

The 8-gored gathered skirt has 2 rows of contrasting ruffles spaced apart.

View 1 features short sleeves gathered to armholes;
view 2 has elasticised puffed sleeves with self-ruffle.
Contrasting bib, sleeves, and skirt ruffles are trimmed with flat eyelet and ribbon.
( 6 - 8 - 10 ) two patterns and ( 12 - 14 - 16 ) two patterns ( 18 - 20 -40 ) four patterns in stock

Square Dance Dress - Pattern 317 peasant style dress pattern Square dance dress features a peasant style bodice with elasticized scoop neck and split raglan sleeves with self-ruffle.

Contrasting overskirt is open in front to reveal 6 rows of ruffles sewn to circular skirt. Only the lower two rows of ruffles are sewn around entire skirt circumference.

Back midriff and "belt" are of contrasting fabric, with "belt" sewn into side seams.

Bias tape trim outlines bodice, sleeves, ruffles and is used for bows and midriff lacing.

Contains 18 pieces.

Available in ( 5- 7- 9 ) 3 patterns in stock

Square Dance Dress
and peasant blouse

Pattern 318

Dress and peasant blouse pattern Eight-gored skirt has two rows of ruffles accented with flat lace or eyelet trim.

Peasant blouse in two versions has elasticized scoop neck.

View 1 has short elasticized raglan sleeves with flat lace trim on sleeves and neck.

View 2 blouse has elasticized raglan sleeves with self-ruffle.

Available ONLY in (6-8-10) 4 patterns in stock

Square Dance Dress - Pattern 321 dress pattern for border prints Dress designed especially for border print fabrics. Choice of full-gathered skirt or two-tiered skirt.

Midriff style bodice is fitted with scoop neckline in front and back.

Self-ruffle accents the neck, and layered self-ruffle form the sleeves.

Bows add accent at the shoulders.

Contains 10 pattern pieces.

(5 - 7 - 9 ) four patterns ( 6 - 8 - 10 ) seven patterns

Dress Pattern 323 Square dance dress features gored, gathered skirt with double ruffle flounces at lower edge.

Four rows of rick-rack trim add a rainbow of colour to the skirt and bodice.

Fitted bodice has scoop neckline in front and back; elasticized puffed sleeves form shoulders of dress.

Contains 10 pattern pieces.

Available in (6 - 8 - 10) 2 patterns ( 5-7-9) 1 pattern in stock

Square Dance Dress - Pattern 325 Dress pattern with overskirt Basic square dance dress with separate overskirt and change of bows adds variety to your wardrobe with minimum sewing time.

Dress features a peasant style bodice with elasticized scoop neckline and short, puffed raglan sleeves.

The gathered, gored skirt has one wide ruffle at lower edge.

Bodice, sleeves, and two front skirt gores are of contrasting fabric.

The overskirt is gathered onto a wide midriff style waistband and has one ruffle at lower edge.

Contains 13 pattern pieces.

Available ONLY in ( 6 - 8 - 10 ) four in stock

Square dance dress - Pattern 326 Square dance dress with a sundress look.

Has a drawstring sweetheart neckline in front with detachable dickie.

Bias ruffles trimmed with rick-rack form sleeves.

The gathered, gored skirt is accented with rick-rack trim in a loop design.

( 5 - 7- 9 ) two patterns . . . . ( 6-8-10 ) eight patterns
Square Dance Dress
Pattern 328
Dress pattern with peasant style blouse Square dance dress features a peasant style bodice and a skirt with three loose tiers.

Wide lace trims skirt tiers and bodice neck. Bows accent the short puffed raglan sleeves.

Purchased applique highlights the fitted midriff.

Pattern contains 10 pieces.

Sizes ( 6 - 8 - 10) 2 patterns in stock.

Square Dance Dress
Pattern 331
Sailor square dance dress with tie has fitted bodice and gathered, gored skirt.

Contrasting collar is trimmed with middy braid.

Eyelet and ribbon accent the split, elasticized puffed sleeves and skirt.

five patterns in ( 6 - 8 - 10 ) and ten patterns ( 18 - 20 - 40)

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