Camporee 2018 - Abridged Minutes AGM

Following are not official minutes - just as recalled by Doug

Executive members present:

Past Chair: Jim & Lois Jackson
Current Chair: Stan & Mary Smith
Vice Chair: Derek & Barb Seeley
Treasurer: Bill & Diane Molson
Secretary: Debbie & Denis Bertrand
Registrar: Adele Pick

Chairman Stan Smith called for a moment of silence
to remember those members no longer with us, those in need of our thoughts and prayers,
and for members of our armed forces.
Stan recognized and thanked all the committee chairs for their contributions,
and recognized six couples from Michigan Chapter 121.
The chairman also thanked Jim & Lois for their continuing support.

Minutes of the 2017 Camporee were posted, with highlights summarized by Debbie Bertrand.
A motion for acceptance was made, seconded and approved.

The treasurer, Bill Molson, reported that the Camporee is still on sound financial footing.
Members should expect similar circumstances for next year. He suggested that, with several members
camping on-site for additional nights, that we might not be charged for the use of the hall for the weekend.
However, this point will not be known right away.

Gary and Elaine Demand expressed thanks to the six Canadian campers who attened the Michigan Camporee
about two weeks previously, resulting in three squares of dancers.

Adele Pick reported that the attendance trophy this year was awarded to C-112 ( Waterloo ).

The executive committee will be determing appropriate dates for the 2020 Camporee.
Our present timeline may need to be altered due to the Canadian National Convention
being held in Surrey, BC, during the usual August weekend.

Dates for our next Camporee were agreed - August 2, 3, 4, and 5, 2019

Board members for our forthcoming year:

Past Chair: Stan and Mary Smith
Chair: Derek and Barb Seeley
Vice Chair: ( more later )
Treasurer: Bill and Diane Molson
Secretary: Deb and Denis Bertrand
Registrar: Deb and Denis Bertrand
Most of the Committee Chairs have already volunteered. Only a few places remain to be filled at this time

Chair Couple - now through 2019 Camporee
Derek & Barb

Wray Martin - Sports Committee Chair,

announced the following results of sports competitions,
and made presentations of certificates and lotto tickets

John Klapwyk and Barb Large - winners
Tina Bos and Denis Bertrand - runner up
Bill Tudor and Karin Sandula - winners
Marty Kimble and Connie Webers - runner up
Cor Vanden Hoven and Deb Bertrand- winners
Hal Winiger and Karen Fink - runner up

Beanbag Toss
John & Barb - winners - bean bag Tina & Denis - runner up - bean bag

Ladder Golf
Bill & Karin - winners -ladder golf Marty & Connie - runner up - ladder golf

Washer Toss
Deb & Cor - winners - washer toss Karen & Hal - runner up - washer toss
Bill accepting for Hal

The award for the highest percentage of membership in attendance
went to Chapter 112, Waterloo.
Presented by Past Chaircouple, Jim & Lois
to Ian and Debbie Hulley - representing C-112


From the Saturday morning sports

Circle the Wagons !
Did you see that shot ?