Canadian Islands on the Air

The Activation & Qualification of
Tondern Island

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Activating station - VE3VS - with Heather, VE3HQH

Tondern Island - ON-300

The location of the Island is near the north shore of Lake Muskoka about 18 to 20 km west of Bracebridge.
Access to the island is by causeway and steel bridge, about 40 metres in length.
Co-ordinates at our operating location were 45 deg 04'250 North and 079 deg 29'583 West
This island is sbout 3 km in length and about 1 km at its widest point - totally inhabited.

Arrived on Tondern Island Wednesday morning around 11:15 am local time
Operation was planned for 40 metres and 20 metres sideband
Got on the air, 40 m about 12:20 pm. Band conditions were very good
We experienced a quiet band with strong signals from both Ontario and USA hams.
Completed 18 QSOs with Ontario stations, and 10 QSOs with USA stations on 40 m.
Following a short lunch, we added two 20 metres contacts - California and Alabama
for a total of 30 QSOs. Had to shut down early since we had other obligations for the day.

We made certain, this year, that we chose to operate on frequencies which were not
occupied by nets. Last year it was a serious problem for us at Narrows Island.


GMC truck - transportation, and hinged mounting base for antenna centre support
Trapped dipole, built especially for twenty and 40 metres operation
Honda generator - Alinco linear power supply - fibreglass poles for antenna end supports.
Transceiver - Kenwood TS590s - about 75 - 80 watts output

above - - Map view of Tondern Island location

above - - View of nearby marina wharfs

Above - - storage area of marina

We operated from the front seats of the truck
The radio was positioned on a temporary table fitted over the mid-console.
Here, our antenna supports are shown in their stored position.
In all the excitement, we neglected to get a photo of the complete operating setup

Over the hill is part of the golf course