Canadian Islands on the Air

The Activation & Qualification of
Shuylers Island

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Activating station Doug, VE3VS - with Heather, VE3HQH

Shuylers Island - ON-306

Shuylers Island is quite a large island, more than one kilometre in length
and varying considerably in width. There is quite a long causeway, over 350 metres,
leading onto the island joining into a central roadway, which has a couple of side roads
at wider points. There are many cottage residences on the island.

After driving about 150 kilometres from our home to Horseshoe Lake,
in the darkness of early morning hours, before sunrise, we arrived at the island
located about 18-20 kilometres north-east of Minden. We quickly spotted
a very nice level and open area to park the truck, and set up our multiband trap dipole.

We had tuned the elements to favour our intended frequencies of operation.

Our station became active on 80 metres LSB at approximately 8:34 AM.
This is what we had hoped for - getting active in plenty of time to work many locals
who were also calling in to the ONTARS NET while propagation was favourable.
By shortly after 9:00 AM we already had 24 contacts logged.

We moved to 40 metres shortly after 9:00 AM so Heather could work any other CLARA ladies or OM's.
Band conditions on forty metres were not too favourable for us, but we did make three contacts,
one from Nova Scotia, one from Maryland, USA, and one from Kentucky, USA.
Those DX contacts qualified our activation of the Island to be awarded ON-306.

We also made a couple of 20 metres QSO's, one from Texas and the other from Bermuda.
Shortly after 10:00 AM we returned to 80 metres when Rob, VA3WDK was hosting the hour.
Heather and I completed a couple more contacts on that band before shutting down.

After packing up, we drove further north along Hwy. 35, to have a short visit with our friends,
Helen and Steve -VA3SMB-. Our drive was spectacular, bright and sunny weather,
with an entire palette of vibrant colours of the countryside.

We both wish to thank Bill - VE3FI for posting our excursion on Canadian Island Activators blog.
and also Barry - VE3ISX for the super co-operation and coverage he gave us on the ONTARS website.
I especially wish to express our thanks the many stations from central Ontario, who regularly check into ONTARS,
and who then tuned down the band to make a contact with us, making our quest very easy and most enjoyable.

Equipment taken to Shuylers Island

GMC truck - transportation to and from island
Hinged A-frame mounting base - fibreglass centre pole
Three-band trap dipole for 80 - 40 - 20 metres
Honda generator - power supply - Kenwood TS-590SG - about 45 watts

Showing 26 feet tall - middle antenna support

Five fibreglass poles - 20 feet end support

A wider view of the setup for our operation

Heather - VE3HQH - Looking after the details