Canadian Island on the Air
The Qualification & Activation of Fox Island

Friday PM, 26 September 2014

Activating station - VE3VS
with Heather - VE3HQH and Bev - VA3DQB.


Arrived at Fox Island Friday afternoon around 1300 local time
Operation took place on 20 metres and 40 metres sideband
Doug made about 3/4 of the contacts, Heather made the others
Departed the island after about 3 hours on-site
After stowing all gear, went out for a celebration supper

We did quite well...
29 contacts in Canada
11 contacts with USA hams
1 contact with the Czech Republic
41 contacts in total - -

Pontoon boat owned and supplied by Bev, VA3DQB
Dipole antennas for each band of operation
Antennas and generator were on-shore - contacts made while moored to dock
Transceiver - Kenwood TS590 - about 50 watts output

above - - Aerial view of Fox Island in southern Lake Simcoe

above - - Pontoon boat approaching the dock on Fox Island

above - - Setting up tripods to hold fibreglass poles

above - - VE3VS operating - VE3HQH logging

above - - Leaving Fox Island after successful venture