Calls and Figures

The Happy Hoppers Square Dance Club adheres to the
CWDIA* and CALLERLAB international guidelines of calls and figures that dancers learn.


During the first season of instruction, dancers learn about 50 calls, and a few other directions
and conventions used in modern square dancing. This list of calls includes such names as:

Circle Left / Right Dosado Allemande Left Pass Thru
Star Left / RightRight and Left Grand Star PromenadeSeparate
Half SashayCourtesy TurnLadies ChainLead Right
Right and Left ThruGrand SquareCircle to a LineStar Thru
Bend the LineAll around CornerSee SawSquare Thru
California TwirlDive ThruAllemande TharWheel Around
Slip the ClutchShoot the StarBox the GnatSwing Thru
Pass the OceanGirls / Boys RunGirls / Boys TradeZoom
Wheel and DealFlutterwheelDouble Pass ThruVeer Left / Right
Trade ByTouch 1/4Sweep a QuarterCirculate
Ferris WheelExtendSplit the CoupleSplit Circulate


Many dancers choose to learn the following figures during their second year of dancing
Mainstream dancing includes all Basic calls and the following

CloverleafTurn ThruEight Chain Thru Pass to the Centre
Spin the TopCentres InCast Off 3/4Slide Thru
Walk and DodgeFoldSpin Chain ThruDixie Style to a Wave
Tag the LineFan the TopScoot BackSingle Hinge
RecycleHalf Tag the Line


includes all previous calls and the following

Teacup ChainLinear CyclePing Pong CirculateSpin Chain the Gears
Load the BoatCoordinateTrack Two(anything) and Spread
Explode the WaveChase RightCrossfire(anything) and Roll
Relay the DeuceyDiamond CirculateFlip the DiamondCut the Diamond
Trade the WaveGrand Swing Thru3/4 Tag the LineSingle Circle to a Wave
All 8 Spin the TopDixie GrandPeel OffPeel the Top
Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears

In addition to the above dancing programmes, many dancers enjoy participating in
ADVANCED and CHALLENGE dancing. These are readily available in the greater Toronto area.

CWDIA = Canadian Western Dance Instructors Association

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