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Happy Hoppers Square Dance Club
Basic, Mainstream and Plus - - Newmarket, ON
Toronto and District
Arrowhead Squares
Vic and Debbie Ceder
Square Dance Resource
National Square Dance Camping Association

We do not grow too old to dance
We grow old because we do not dance.

Promenade Patterns
for people who sew their own dancing outfits

New Dancer Hoedowns
for the 2017 and 2018 season
various locations
Doug - Square Dance Caller Hoedown Photos
Some photos of past events
Traditional Square Dancing

Peterborough - Basic & Mainstream & Plus
New Year's Eve - Doug Holmes - guest caller

My Cedar Strip Canoe Amateur Radio VE3CWO / VE3VS & VE3HQH
See some of our station


Activation - Kilmarnock Is. September 15, 2018
Activation - Tondern Island - Oct.12, 2016
Narrows & Darling Islands - Nov. 2015
FOX ISLAND becomes radio"active" Sept. 2014
Amateur Radio - Alfa Spid Rotators
My Homebuilt Workbench
Barbeque Accessory Cart/Table
October 25, 2014 - 50th Wedding Anniversary
Doug calls on Parliament Hill - Ottawa Convention