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Eliminate the need for harsh chemicals by using these unique tools designed for cultivating close to plants without damaging them!

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Using a Garden Bandit™ #1 weeder

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Serious & Important information on Genetically Modified food crops that everyone should be aware of.

The Institute for Responsible Technology



other GM information sources http://www.gmwatch.org   or http://www.thecampaign.org
Awesome weed identification site http://www.rce.rutgers.edu/weeds/index.html
Everything Herbal! http://www.herbnet.com/index.htm
Bugs Bugs bugs...excellent site for identifying what eats your garden before you do! http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Loge/9474/bugtable.html
Tips on growing & caring for african violets http://www.african-violets.com/tips.htm
Creative Organic Gardening."You Can Grow" using sustainable organic gardening as a medium for creative expression and spiritual growth. http://www.avant-gardening.com
Learn all about Bonsai Trees! http://www.my-bonsai-tree.com

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