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Yes, I'm currently working; however, I keep my resume here, and updated, to keep my options open. Canadian Tire DeJong's is an amazing place to work! It would take much to entice me to leave.

UPDATE: 2004 12 10: Okay, so Lions wasn't as great as I thought it would be -- in fact, they went out of business. I now work for DeJong Enterprises. Even LESS stress! Leave Monday, home Wednesday for a bit, and home Friday for the weekend. Many of my trips involve bobtailing (tractor with no trailer) to Virgina to pick up brand-new trailers, then picking up furniture in Statesville, NC, then coming home. Easy work!

UPDATE: 2003 04 18: It did take a lot to make me leave... in fact, I even left the Information Technology sector entirely. I am now... a truck driver!

Now, this is not as strange as it sounds... I was a driver for a meat packing plant before I got into IT, and I love to drive. The company that I now work for, Lions Transport, is a great company with a solid reputation. I'm driving long-haul, 600-mile radius from Toronto, home weekends, and home every 2-3 days. Great equipment, great pay, and getting back behind the wheel... I love it. Oh, and for all you IT folks out there -- NO STRESS. It's wonderful!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Darren W. MacDonald




A Systems Engineer involved in LAN / WAN support and implementation, automated software delivery, hardware / software evaluation, and diagnostic testing for a large computer network.



Over 15 years of diverse experience with IBM-compatible PC hardware, operating systems, applications, networking, and peripherals, with particular emphasis on:

·        Diagnosing and troubleshooting PC, network, and server hardware and software
Task automation and batch programming using various tools
Analyzing and evaluating hardware and software
Conceptualizing, planning, and creating Information Technology solutions
Training users on various software applications

I have been MCSE NT 4.0 certified since March of 1999, and MCSE Windows 2000 certified since December of 2001. I am currently pursuing knowledge in the computer security field.



·        Overhauled an aging computer network by implementing a new Windows NT 4.0 Consistent Office Environment, improving workstation stability, reducing troubleshooting and workstation rebuild time, and decreasing helpdesk calls.

·        Devised a method for performing automated software delivery to a large base of Windows NT workstations, improving installation consistency and reducing the number of administrators required to install software across the enterprise to one.

·        Implemented an automated central Enterprise Backup system, which backed up data from 50 servers, reducing tape swaps from 50 per night to once per week, eliminating manual tape management, and reducing file restores to 5 minutes.

·        Overhauled the unattended installation of Windows NT Workstation and a suite of applications, eliminating user and administrator interaction during workstation staging, and reducing “broken” workstation turnaround time for users.

·        Applied unattended Windows NT and Consistent Office Environment skills to the Japanese version of Windows NT, saving the cost of hiring a Japanese / English consultant, and creating a workstation similar to English workstations.

·        Developed hundreds of complex automated tools and batch files for completing repetitive and tedious administrative tasks, reducing human error, providing consistency in processes, and increasing productivity of administrators and support personnel.



Technical Analyst

Canadian Tire Corporation

2000 - 2003

·        Member of the PC/LAN Services group, Technology Planning & Deployment division, which is responsible for third-level technical support, software repackaging, new hardware/software evaluation, and development of standard corporate desktop configurations in an enterprise of approximately 4,000 workstations across Canada

·        Developed several versions of the CTC standard NT 4.0 desktop, including planning, research, development, end-user certification, deployment, troubleshooting

·        Developed numerous NT shell (CMD), VBScript, and SMS Installer tools for managing network

·        Currently developing a Windows XP Desktop strategy to replace Windows NT 4.0


Systems Administrator  

  EDS Systemhouse Inc.  

1994 -1999

·        Member of the PC/LAN Support team, which is responsible for all maintenance of a 1000-user, 500-node, 50-server Windows NT Server / Windows NT Workstation LAN at an automotive manufacturing facility

·        Provided first-, second-, and third-level technical hardware and software support to users, in person and via telephone

·        Member of team which, in 1997, successfully migrated from a Novell Netware / Windows for Workgroups LAN to the current Windows NT Server / NT Workstation LAN, including development of Consistent Office Environment (COE) workstations

·        Developed, and implemented, a subset of the COE workstation on Microsoft Windows NT Server, Terminal Server Edition, including Citrix Metaframe, for Remote Access and WAN users

·        Assisted in the addition of host sessions from a remote (in Japan) mainframe host to the local SNA server, via a dedicated WAN link

·        Responsible for the administration and upgrading of a Shiva 8-port remote-access (dial-in / dial-out) device

·        Developed methodologies for remote troubleshooting of servers and workstations via a dial-up connection

·        Assisted in the implementation of approximately 40 application servers, used for plant floor automation, including Microsoft Cluster Servers

·        Served as course instructor, in a classroom environment, for various Microsoft applications




1994 -1998

·        Primarily involved in contract instruction of computer courses at various Fanshawe College campuses


Computer Marketing Specialist  

  Radio Shack Canada  

1991 -1993

·        Responsible for computer department at a busy Calgary mall

·        Sales, service, support, product ordering, new product evaluation, assisting other sales personnel with sales, some outbound marketing


Computer Sales / Support Technician

Hoss Computers


·        In-store and outbound computer sales and service of PC’s and related hardware and software



Project Management 1 and 2, Canadian Tire (PAPE method)
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Windows NT 4.0 track, self-educated
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Windows 2000 track, self-educated
Exceptional Customer Service, EDS Systemhouse
Operations Development, EDS Systemhouse
Computer Support Specialist, Fanshawe College
Computer Software Applications, Fanshawe College




·        IBM and compatible Personal Computer equipment, with emphasis on:

o       IBM PC Server & Netfinity, Compaq Proliant, and Dell PowerEdge servers

o       NetFRAME NF-450 Superserver

o       Dell Optiplex and IBM PC Series workstations

·        ISA, EISA, MCA, VLB, PCI, MPSA bus cards and configurations
Hardware configuration (IRQ, DMA, I/O Address, Memory Address) conflict resolution
Communications interfacing configuration and troubleshooting, including:

o       RS-232 and RS-485 Serial

o       Centronics and IEEE-1284 parallel

o       GPIB/HPIB/IEEE-488 devices

o       Single-ended and differential SCSI

o       Ethernet, FDDI, Token-Ring networks

·        Exabyte EXB-440, Compaq DLT, and Dell DLT tape libraries
Hewlett-Packard SureStore 40st magneto-optical library (2 drives, 32 platters)


Operating Systems

·        Microsoft Windows XP Professional
·        Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Server, Advanced Server
·        Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0
·        Microsoft Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition 4.0
Microsoft Cluster Services (MSCS)
Microsoft Windows NT Server, Terminal Server Edition 4.0
·        Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51, 4.0
·        Microsoft Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, Me
Microsoft MS-DOS / IBM PC-DOS, 3.30-6.22
Novell Netware 3.12, 4.10 (bindery and NDS)
·        IBM OS/2 Warp 4
Some experience with FreeBSD, Linux, Minix
·        Operations experience with OS/400, MVS/OS-390, AIX



·        Working knowledge of thousands of applications in many categories, including:

o       vertical or niche applications
o       standalone applications
o       office productivity applications/suites
o       client/server applications
o       development suites
o       ERP applications
o       communications applications
o       legacy connectivity applications
o       database server applications

·        Developed hundreds of complex NT Shell script (batch) files for performing repetitive tasks
·       Operations experience with a number of mainframe and AS/400 applications
·        Extensive experience with WinBatch development, SMS Installer development
·        Extensive experience with application repackaging in highly managed environments