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UPDATE: Dariel made it to Ortona and back! See the tour diary at the tour operator's website: Explorica

Thanks to everyone who supported her, and us, in all the fundraising efforts. We still have limited supplies of hats and cookbooks, if anyone wants a souvenir. See contact information below.

My eldest daughter, Dariel, is participating in a Huron Park Secondary School trip in November of 2008. The trip's purpose is to bring attention to the "Forgotten Campaign" fought by Canadian troops in Orotona, Italy during WWII. Further information about the trip, and its purpose, can be found at http://www.ortona.ca, or at the School's website at http://www.tvdsb.on.ca/huronpark/. Wikipedia has lots of information, including quite a few links to other resources.
Each student participating is responsible for raising $5000 to help finance the trip. Dariel is well on her way, with donations from family and friends, and corporate donations from the Embro Legion, Kick'N FX with Steve Chaput, and others.

Following are some handmade items which are being sold to help Dariel achieve her financial obligations.

(click on an item to see a larger picture, then use Back button in browser to return)

Ortona baseball caps: $20 each


Cute kid's cookbook: $10 each

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Pop Can Bouquets: $6 each

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Bubble Gum Flowers: $2 each

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Please contact Sonja at (519) 475-4345 to purchase. Thanks in advance for your support!

Thanks to the following people and organizations

for your support!


Embro Legion Kick'N FX with Steve Chaput Dove Dental Centres
Evelyn Rosalie Duane
Sonja Megan Donna
Annie Alyshia Tarah
Sarah Abby Evan
Mason Connor Ben
Max Jeszi Rob