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Here are some of my favourite websites:
  • My two favourite sources of Windows NT / 2000 info: JSI's Tips, Tricks, and Registry Hacks, and John Savill's NTFAQ - the first two places I look!

  • Microsoft's Home Page - I'm usually lurking in the Premier website (subscription-based support)

  • Novell's Home Page - Not as often any more, but I still have a Netware server...

  • Many Linux distros are available from LinuxISO

  • VMWare permits many virtual computers on a single physical computer -- I run DOS, Win3.11, Win95, Win98SE, WinMe, WinXP, Win2K, Win .NET, Netware, RedHat Linux 7.3 and 8.0, and FreeBSD (not simultaneously!)

  • Freeware Home - An excellent source of the recommended daily allowance of free software!

  • Tucows - freeware and shareware site

  • NoNags - great source for freeware

  • SystemTools - home of Hyena!

  • Dale Nurden's Home Page - home of TClockEx, the freeware clock that MS should have included!

  • Green Parrots Software - home of 1stClock (a shareware -- and more feature-rich -- clock)

  • DU Meter Home Page - network connection speed monitoring, dial-up or direct

  • RouterLog - archive logs from SMC Barricade routers!

  • SMC - for... you guessed it... Barricade 7008BR routers!

  • Wilson WindowWare - If you've never used WinBatch, check it out! A boon for non-programmers

  • Locutus Codeware (now RoboMagic, Inc.) - home of WetSock, MoonPhase, and SocketWatch

  • RobWare - home of File Investigator Pro, which identifies files based on header info, not extension

  • Zone Labs - ZoneAlarm Pro is my favourite personal firewall

  • DNS 2 Go - (formerly) free dynamic DNS updater and web page redirection service

  • Alfred Bolliger's PrintKey 2000 is a great freeware screen capture program! (unfortunately, he now only promotes his shareware PrintKey-Pro)

  • Zac Schroff's DocsBoot+ is still my favourite boot manager - easy to use, easy to install, lives in MBR...

  • Steve Atkins' Sam Spade web tools and windows tools - great for fighting back against spam / UBE / UCE. Sam Spade for Windows analyzes email headers, leading to informing the offender's ISP(s) and having their account(s) revoked! (Fun in my book!)

  • Cloudmark's SpamNet is another good way to fight spam

  • The Stock Analysis website, including a freeware tool for stock analysis. A little crude, but quite effective!

  • NewsBin is, IMHO, the best binary Usenet grabber around! No idea what I'm talking about? NewsBin/UseNet FAQ

  • Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell - their Systems Internals (freeware) and Winternals (shareware) applications are THE GREATEST!

  • The Windows 2000 Magazine family of sites and magazines - pretty good stuff!

  • Jam Software - home of TreeSize freeware and TreeSize Professional - see where all your disk space went!

  • Astalavista.box.sk - if you don't know, don't ask

I know there are many others, and I'll update this site as I remember them.