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The Sheep

Pure Dorsets, Far from England

We raise Dorsets and Dorset cross-breeds. In appearance, Dorsets are what most people envision when they think of sheep. They have a pure white fleece, which is thin on the face, belly and legs. They have pink skin and white hooves. An adult ewe may reach 150 to 200 pounds.

The Dorset is an excellent all-round sheep. Dorsets are good at breeding out of season, give birth to lambs easily, are good mothers, and have good milking ability. The lambs grow quickly and Dorsets will cross-breed with good results. Their docility makes them easier to handle than many of the more flighty breeds.

Care and Feeding

Dorset Lamb

Our sheep are carefully bred to ensure good blood-lines. Like many animals, the cross-breeds are generally much more robust and account for a significant proportion of the flock. Purebreds are kept for breeding purposes.

When an adult female sheep (ewe) gives birth to its offspring it is said to be "lambing". During lambing, we regularly check the sheep in the barn to ensure that we see every lamb while or soon after it is born. This close attention ensures that losses are kept low although it can be a lot of work, particularly in inclement weather. Problems are identified and can be rectified before they become serious.

The ewes and the lambs are given extra grain rations to ensure good growth and a high level of nutrition. The grain is custom mixed to balance the correct amounts of energy and protein, as well as any substances that are lacking in the hay and forage. All sheep are given extra selenium, which isn't in high enough concentrations in the environment here.

Diseases and parasites have the potential to be a serious problem in any farming operation. We have a closed barn, which is to say that animals coming into the barn must undergo quarantine. The sheep, and support animals such as cats and dogs, are treated for parasites such as ticks, lice and worms. It is important to note that our sheep are not given growth supplements of any sort. We rely on good feed and good health to yield growth. This is slightly more expensive, but not overly so. We also do not administer blanket antibiotics. Antibiotics are only given to sick animals. An animal that has become sick and requires medicine is no longer eligible for private sale and will only be shipped to the stockyard (after the appropriate waiting period).

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