Coyote Run Farm

The most recent people seem much like the coyote. They do not hide their presence but they are wary and aware. Sheep are plentiful within the new pastures, but the humans guard them. There is food elsewhere and, although coyotes are opportunists, this one does not take the risk of eating the sheep with the scent of man. The people seem content to leave the coyotes and their food alone.


The first written record of settlement was the purchase of the land by John Hartwell from the crown in 1801. Since then, the property has had many different owners practicing many different types of farming. In the late twentieth century, the farm fell into disrepair. The fields were worked by rental agreement, but the buildings deteriorated and people were absent.

In the year 1988, we purchased the land from a holding company. We have brought the farm back to life using methods that have provided tremendous amusement for our neighbours.

The Builder on Stacks of Round Bales

Dramatis Personae

The Shepherd

Mom and prime motivator of all things sheepish.

The Builder

Businessman by day. Farmer by -- well, just about all the time. Father. Loves carpentry, but will build just about anything. Has almost single-handedly built and repaired all structures at Coyote Run.

Run Dad, run.

The Marine

Often relegated to grunt, but would rather be a general. Problem is, we have five generals and no privates. Elder son. Organises and cleans. Does maintenance. Does the accounting. Whips the sheep into line. Would like to build battleships.

The Scientist

Often relegated to grunt, but would rather not be in the military. Younger son. Family members have discovered there are few things more scary than an engineer with his Dad's power tools. Finds the dark skies and high hills of Coyote Run good for astronomy. Has done some of his best program designs while going on country walks.

The City Dweller

Mainly does vital farmhouse chores due to an aversion to critters. Daughter. Entertainment director.


The Mathematician
"Wife of Brent"
"Daughters of Brent"


The Donkey (the "Anti-Sheep"), The Fair-weather Beaver, The "this isn't a stinking aviary" Birds, The Cats (hired goons), The Tasty Chickens, The working ... on it Dogs, The "it's all their fault" Ducks, The Wily Goats, The Mice (we eat soap), The Raccoons (especially old peg-leg), The Singing Toads ...and The Wind

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