Coyote Run Farm

The Squeeze Panel

This is one of the simplest, cheapest and most useful devices on a sheep farm.

It's just two panels hinged together for moving or containing sheep on a temporary basis. Unlike permanent fencing, string is fine to use with these. They are easy to make and repair with 3/4 inch wood slats.

An assembled squeeze panel

We don't know who first came up with the design, but it's a good one.

Note the different lengths of the arms, and the ability to turn it either way to fit a variety of situations. The size and weight are appropriate for easy handling by most people. You should be able to walk forward with the arms extended as shown below.

Here are some of the things you can do with these panels, followed by building plans.

Squeeze panel: Crowding
Crowd Control
(or How to Make a Human Less Permeable)

Squeeze panel: Box
The Box
(Examination Room or Holding Area)

Squeeze panel: Row housing
Temporary Row Housing

Squeeze panel: Channeling
(From A to Unplanned B)

Squeeze panel: Diverting
Diversionary Tactics
(Because Sheep Don't Understand Left and Right)

Squeeze panel: Lamb Proofing
Lamb Proofing Permanent Panels

The dimensions provided below yield a panel that is lightweight, versatile, and big enough for sheep.

Plan view of squeeze panel with dimensions
Click for the full size image

Here are some views of the hinge details.

Note that the hinges need to be placed so that the panel can be completely straightened out.
Front hinge detail Back hinge detail

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