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Falling Sun Helios was the sun god in Greek mythology. Every day he would mount his golden chariot and drive it across the sky, pulled by four immortal and fiery steeds. His son, Phaethon, did not know who his father was. When Phaethon discovered the true nature of his father, he immediately journeyed to his palace. Overjoyed at seeing his son for the first time, Helios instantly agreed to grant Phaethon any favour.

Phaethon wanted to prove himself, so he asked to drive the chariot himself. Helios knew the results could prove disastrous for his son, but was unable to recant his offer. As soon as his son set out, Helios's worst fears were realized. Unable to control the wild steeds, Phaethon and the chariot were dragged all over the sky. The earth was scorched as the chariot flew out of control. To stop the destruction, Zeus threw a thunderbolt at Phaethon. Phaethon was killed instantly, and his remains along with the chariot plummeted into the sea, leaving a fiery trail in their wake.

Although the image shown here may look like the aftermath of Phaethon taking his dad's wheels out for a spin, the picture is, in fact, a chance alignment of an old airplane contrail with the setting sun. It matters little that it is a contrail rather than supernatural skid marks. Consider that comedians do not have funny things happen to them any more than the rest of us. A comedian is able to perceive the humour in a situation. It's all still true, as in the stories below. It's just a matter of how you look at things.

Poor Guy, He Bought the Farm

All of those old expressions have real meaning. Our initial efforts at turning an abandoned farm into a living one end up consuming all our free time. If you're interested in old houses with unusual construction techniques, read on.

My Ducktoral Thesis

Historians have delved into our archives and found the answer to the eternal question. Just how much trouble can one get into in five years?

The Man Who Would Be Beaver

Successful farming is accomplished by the judicious application of sun, water and large hammers. Here, we look at water management.

And Now a Word From Mr. Personality

It's difficult to understand Coyote Run Farm without understanding stubbornness and the martyr complex. This should help.

Lessons Learned - Animal

A how-to guide for dealing with the animal kingdom. Helpful when your critters get out of hand and start behaving like animals.

Lessons Learned - Mineral

Everything is made of something. Tips for managing your inanimate substances without getting overly animated yourself.

Lessons Learned - Subdivisions (fencing)

Infinite regression.

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