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June 2016: Barn Swallows

These swallows previously nested in caves here in North America. (Cavebirds named Oog?) With the settlement of large numbers of people during the Colonial Age, these birds adapted and now use human structures almost to the exclusion of anything else. Their range and numbers increased considerably.

They also learned how to make mail-order purchases. (okay, not really)

Highly agile, they swoop over the ground or water and snatch insects for food. Not only are the birds themselves easy to identify, they also make distinctive mud nests that adhere to the sides of things. They are very quick and delight in tormenting photographers with high-speed acrobatic maneuvers in dark eaves and recesses.

Their dark backs reveal a rich blue colour in the sun or other strong light.

March 2016: Prenatal -- Bigtime

As they say ... you can't be a little bit pregnant.

Mid to Late 2015: Unfluffied

Earlier this year we got a new barn cat.

He's a good mouser, is quite friendly, and likes to be picked up and pet.

The only problem is that he's fluffy.

Really, really fluffy.

And his name is "Fluffy". Because we're terrible at animal names.

His fluffiness picks up too much barn debris in his coat, which then gets dirty and matted.

So for the summer, he got un-fluffied.

Cool in temperature. Not cool in style.

And yes, he always looks miffed. I have't bothered to find out what breed he actually is, I just call him a Himalayan Sourpuss.

Of course we let it grow back in the winter, despite the dirt. A cat's gotta stay warm.

Still not cool. Living dust-mop.

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