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Thank you for considering one of our puppies as a member of your family. We are very selective about who
we sell our dogs to. If you would like to be considered for one of our puppies, please fill out the



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1. How did you locate us as a breeder?

2. Why do you think an irish wolfhound / borzoi is the right breed for you?

3. What is the reason that you are trying to find a puppy at this time?

4. What are the traits you are looking for in a dog?

5. Have you ever owned an irish wolfhound, borzoi, or large breed animal before?

6. Describe any other pets you currently have.

7. Please list all pets that you have had in the past 10 years and describe why you no longer have them.

8. Have you ever returned a pet to a breeder or given it away to a shelter?

9. Please describe all members of your household (i.e. how many adults, children and ages of children)

10. Please describe your home. Please include a detailed description of your yard and fence (i.e. how big,
how high is the fence).

11. Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor dog?

12. Who will be the puppy’s primary caregiver and how much time are you and your family able to spend
with the puppy?

13. Where will the puppy/dog sleep?

14. How often will the puppy/dog be left alone and for how long?

15. Where would you keep the puppy/dog when no one is at home?

16. What types of hobbies and activities do you and your family enjoy? Which of those activities will you
want your puppy/dog to participate in?

17. Do you plan to attend training classes with this puppy?

18. Can you describe for me the “special” care needs of an irish wolfhound puppy or borzoi(e.g. feeding,
activity, rest, safety)?

19. Can you describe for me some of the health issues common to the irish wolfhound / borzoi?

20. Do you know what this breed was bred to do?

21. Are you looking for a pet/companion or a show potential puppy? If you are looking for a pet/companion,
are you willing to have it spayed or neutered? If you are looking for a show potential puppy, what are the

22. Are you looking for a male or a female? Why?

23. Do you have a regular vet? If so, please provide name, address and phone number.

24. Please provide 2 personal refrences.

Thank you for investing this time in your search for a puppy.
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