If you haven't heard by now, we LOVE dogs. It really doesn't matter what kind or size. In the time that we have been married, a long time....we have had dogs. We had three
rottweilers and a one heinz 57. We now own 5 irish wolfhounds, a newfoundland, and a borzoi.

In 2006, we moved out to the family farm so Brad could farm. That was when our dog dreams came true. We decided to start a boarding kennel for dogs. Only dogs, no cats.
(much to Nichelles dislike, because she loves cats) The kennel was a success right away, people couldn't believe that there wasn't ever a kennel before. Now it has been two
years and we are generating business from all over. I took a grooming course and now offer that as well, it works well with our dogs too. Our kennel sells dog food, treats, toys
and much more.

The other exciting part of living on the farm is that we could have as many dogs as we wanted. When we moved out to the farm we thought about getting a newfoundland. We
had never been to a dog show before, but decided to go to Edmonton to visit Brad's brother Brian and his wife Nicole, and take in a dog show. When we got to the dog show,
we went straight for the newfs. Talked to the newf owners, and loved every minute of it. We lucked out and met Nellie Levesque and she put us in touch with Lyn Cardus. Nellie
was a fountain of information, everthing that we needed to know in a short amount of time, we learnt. A great person and a new friend in the dog world for us.

We got in touch with Lyn and set up an interview. Joy was everything that we wanted and more. Lyn tells us that it was Talon that sealed the deal for her. She said that when
she saw Talon in with Joy she knew that we were the people for her. We were so thankful for meeting Nellie, Mario, Lyn and Nigel, and the way things worked out for us.

We both wanted to get another newfie to play with Joy but had trouble finding the perfect match for us. Who would of thought that getting another newfie would be easy,
NOT.....so I started looking through newspapers, as luck would have it I found an irish wolfhound (obviously not a newfie) in Calgary. Not sure what to do we phoned her and
set up an interview for that same day, we got to Calgary that evening, I think that they thought we were crazy and impulsive. We didn't want to lose the chance of getting her.
Things went well with Ann and Mike, they loved us, I guess, because they sold us a dog. The funny thing about the trip home was that Amy didn't like truck rides, and she threw
up into my open purse, and all over the floor.

After that things settled for a bit at our house, three dogs, with Tiny our rotti, was enough for a bit to get used to. But not for long, we had a call from Ann telling us she was
having another litter of wolfies. This was about 8 or 9 months after we got Amy. We decided that we wanted one of them too. The fun part of it this time was that we finally got
to pick out our dog, from the start. As Sara grew we were able to watch from the comfort of our home through the internet. Thanks to Ann and Mike and their picture taking
ability, we saw her grow from week to week. Every week Brad said, that was the dog for him, every week I changed my mind, never the same either, as I can recall. But in the
end Sara was my final pick too. Personality wise, she is nothing like Amy. Looks wise, she has a similar head type.

We decided, well I decided, that it is time to get a buddy for Joy. Had a few opportunities, but litters were too small and no puppy for me. Then, my friend Shaun was having a
litter of newfoundlands, and they are landseer recessive, my lucky day, because that is exactly what I wanted. So off to Shauns in Denholm, Sask. (our province, for a change)
to check out the pups. We fell in love with the loudest and most sauciest puppy that he had there. She stole my heart, just when you think that can't happen again, it does. So
now we have two poufy newfies. We picked her up a month before Joys second birthday.

Of course we are not done yet, Brad and Talon have had something up ther sleeves for some time now. They want a Borzoi....BAD....Talon has been following a certain
borzoi to all the shows that he goes to that we are at too, he even gets to go into his kennel. His buddies name is Ivor. Luck would have it that Ivor sired a litter just recently and
we are getting a puppy from this litter in April, I think that we are going to call her Desa. Desa will be Talon's dogs, he is paying for her and everything. He can hardly wait to
get to show her.

I didn't mention that we have three kids, with all the dogs, we do still have room for them, and they love the dogs too. They must, they even take Canine 4-H. I didn't mention in
this book/novel that I am writing, that we show our dogs in comformation. We now have 4 dogs that have attained their Canadian Championship.

We would like to thank all our new friends, you know who you are, for all the fun that we have had so far, all the learning (and there was a lot and still will be more), and all the
pizza and late night sessions we have had (again, so far). And of course all the long-winded phone conversations that we have had (again, so far).
Prairie Trail
Irish Wolfhounds